This is happening, everyone! Finally after years of working, imagining and developing an extensive universe, filled with lore, incredible kingdoms, fantastic fauna and intricate stories and nations, we at Draco Studios are ready to launch one of our most desired dreams, the Dragonbond TableTop Role-playing Game.

I cannot be more excited to do this with all of you, because I have learned that passionate people create great projects, and at Draco Studios we truly are passionate about making the Dragonbond TTRPG an incredible world based on the 5e ruleset, in which all of you can spend hours and hours creating stories and diving into fantasy-filled adventures.

I’m delighted to have been tasked with running an open beta for the new TTRPG. Which means that I get to recruit a great group of people to play games for the next 8 months and tell us what they think!

Are you interested in joining us?

Obviously we know your time and feedback is very very precious so we have designed a series of rewards as a thank you for your participation.

  • Earn experience points and use these to purchase a range of products.
  • Early access to unreleased RPG adventures.
  • Automatic entry into monthly giveaways.
  • Your feedback will help shape the final product.
  • Be part of a community sharing experiences and feedback for a brand new product.
  • Receive loyalty rewards for our upcoming crowdfunding campaigns.

To be part of the Beta Readers group, all you have to do is fill out this form.

I’ll be giving you monthly new material, adventures, and rules to test, surveys to answer as well as quests that will allow you to earn experience points, also you can join our Dragonbond Beta Reader Discord channel and Facebook group to discuss your experience with other readers and with the developers.

Join me in this adventure, let’s unravel the mysteries that Dragonbond still hides, and together we can create one of the best role-playing games ever.

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