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Welcome to Dragonbond Quest, a thrilling cooperative card game set within the rich and immersive Dragonbond universe. In this blog, I’ll teach you the basics of how to play Dragonbond Quest, from setting up your adventure to mastering your turn and achieving victory against the perils of Valerna. So, gather your team, choose your heroes, and let’s dive in!

How to Play Dragonbond Quest

How to Play Dragonbond Quest

How do I Win?

In Dragonbond Quest, your main objective is to complete the main quest’s objective, which varies depending on the chosen quest. As this is a cooperative card game, you will need to work together with your fellow players, strategize, and use your skills to achieve this goal. But beware, as you’ll lose if the threat tracker reaches its final space on the threat track. Teamwork and careful planning are the keys to victory!


Choose and Prepare Heroes

To begin your adventure, each player must choose a Hero. Each Hero possesses unique abilities and strengths that will be vital in overcoming the challenges ahead. Once you’ve selected your Hero, choose a path that determines your role and the set of skill cards available to you. Do you want to charge your enemies and engage in close-contact battles? This choice will shape your gameplay style.

Choose and Prepare Enemies

Next, select a villain to face off against during your quest. The villain will be your main adversary and will have its own treachery cards, representing special actions that can pose a threat to your team. Create the villain’s lair and place the treachery cards next to the villain.

Additionally, shuffle the minion deck and draw three cards. These minions will spawn during the game, adding to the challenges you must face. Return the remaining minion cards to the box.

Select Your Quest

Your quest is the heart of your adventure. Randomly select a main objective card, which will guide you to add four locations and an individual objective for each location. Also, randomly draw one dragon card for each location, as these mighty creatures will play a significant role in your journey. Finally, spawn one minion token in each location to start your dangerous adventure!

What Do I Do in My Turn?

Each turn in Dragonbond Quest consists of two phases: the Hero Phase and the Reaction Phase.

Hero Phase

During the Hero Phase, you’ll make critical decisions and take action to progress your quest.

Choose your maneuver

Your maneuver options are diverse and crucial to your success. You can move between locations to explore new areas, obtain a loot card from a secure location to boost your abilities, attempt to bond with a dragon by drawing a Vaala card (powerful spells), engage with an enemy at your location, activate your Hero’s special ability, or trigger your current location’s objective if it’s secured. Phew – that’s a lot to choose from! 

Choose your action

Once your maneuver is complete. You will play a skill card from your hand to perform specific actions.

Aid: Help yourself or your fellow heroes.

Attack: Defeat enemies to clear the path.

Explore: Place progress on your locations to secure them, offering benefits to your team.

Rest: Recover from damage to stay in top form.

Reaction Phase

After completing the Hero Phase, you’ll resolve the Reaction Phase. Drawing the top card of the quest deck and resolving its reaction icons from top to bottom. Quest cards play a pivotal role in shaping the unfolding narrative of your adventure. These cards determine how the minions on the table will react, influencing the flow of the game in various ways.

A) Location reaction

Each location in Valerna comes with its own challenges and secrets. During the Reaction Phase, you must resolve the reaction effect specific to your current location. These effects can vary widely, from advantageous boons that aid your quest to dangerous obstacles that hinder your progress.

B) Dragon reaction

As you embark on your Dragonbond Quest, your interactions with dragons are of paramount importance. During the Reaction Phase, you must either activate your bonded dragon, drawing strength from the powerful bond you share, or activate the attack of an unbonded dragon located at your current location.

C) Minion reaction

Quest cards can dictate the actions of the minions lurking throughout the locations. Minions might become more aggressive, attacking you. Be prepared to face hordes of savage minions as you progress through the quest.

D) Villain’s reaction

Through the quest cards, there’s a chance the villain decides to come out of its lair, launching a direct assault on the heroes. Prepare yourselves for a climactic showdown as you face off against the villain and their minions. Teamwork, strategy, and the wise use of your skills will be crucial in thwarting the evil plans of these formidable foes.

After each reaction icon has been resolved during the Reaction Phase, you must turn your attention to the quest card’s event effect. This introduces additional challenges, spawns more minions, and unveils surprises, or opportunities for your heroes to seize.

How to Play Dragonbond Quest – The Key Takeaways

Remember, communication and cooperation are vital as you navigate the challenges together. Use your wits, form strategies, and make the most of your Hero’s abilities to overcome the dangers of Valerna.

Now that you know the basics of how to play Dragonbond Quest, gather your team of heroes, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let the quests unfold in this thrilling cooperative card game! 

May your bonds with dragons be strong and your victories legendary!

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