Let’s face it, if you’re a fan of fantasy role-playing games, you’re probably no stranger to the allure of dragons. For many of us, dragons are the very essence of what makes these games so captivating. These legendary dragons ignite our sense of adventure, fuel our imagination, and lead us on epic quests through their enchanting realms.

In this second installment of the Legendary Dragons 3D printable models’ campaign, we bring you six new 3D printable models bound to send shivers down your spine and take your gaming experience to new heights. Let’s dive in and discover these awe-inspiring creatures with the lore of each legendary dragon.



Anoth-Zuul: The Mummified Dragon Queen

In the land of Graal, the name Anoth-Zuul is synonymous with dread. But it’s not the dragon queen herself that terrifies the masses; it’s the fanatical cultists who revere her mummified remains. Bound in unholy clay jars with dual hearts, Anoth-Zuul’s power fuels the sinister rituals of her deranged followers. Yet, this was not the fate she chose. As the legend goes, her trusted servant, Nemoz, betrayed her during her hibernation, imprisoning her in an eternal slumber. But something stirs within her, a power that could change the fate of Graal.

Aufgeben: The Dark Cloud

Aufgeben is a grotesque undead abomination, a scavenger that feeds on fear and death. Immune to diseases, this foul creature appears as an omen, growing stronger when the odds of victory for an army are bleak. He manifests when soldiers’ fears intensify and relishes feasting on their bodies once they fall. His presence heralds doom, and stories about him are rare, often told through parables and myths. Some believe that the fear of losing a battle can summon Aufgeben, a haunting force that feasts on failure.


Gallomarg: The Disease-Ridden Serpent of the Maw

Gallomarg, covered in sores and pustules, is cursed with various diseases, yet they do not harm him. Instead, he spreads disease to those around him. Living in a state of perpetual agony, he thrives on the pain and suffering of others. Gallomarg’s unique disease, known as “walking pestilence,” spreads as he feeds on his victims, leaving them in a horrific state. Although isolated in a chasm, his disease may soon find new ways to infect the world.

Karnaggonn: The Morning Star

Karnaggonn, the most powerful of dragons, is a cosmic force tasked with carrying the souls of the judged across the sky. He remains impartial and has been fulfilling this duty since the dawn of creation. An unkillable entity, Karnaggonn can shift between realms at will, and those favored by him can speak with the departed. Some cultures worship him, building their values around the notion that life is precious, and divine judgment has significant consequences.

Kut-Echinae: Mother of Monstrosities

Kut-Echinae, a hybrid of a dragon and chasme, is a unique creature that gives birth to a variety of monstrous hybrids. Her offspring are distinct from existing monstrous classifications and wreak havoc on the ecosystem. She nests in damp places, allowing her brood to grow and pupate without her presence. Kut-Echinae’s cycle of creation is relentless, with her traveling to find new nesting sites and dispersing her grotesque offspring to infest different regions.

Pellix: The Stalker

Pellix the Stalker is on a relentless mission to hunt down dragonborn and those with draconic ancestry to return the “stolen blood” to their progenitor. Serving the Council of Draconic Truth, he has already decimated a significant portion of the dragonborn population. Pellix operates with cunning precision, targeting his victims without warning. He sees himself as a paladin of draconic values, aiming to eradicate all those with dragon blood in their veins.


These six legendary dragons add a new layer of depth to the gaming experience, each with their unique characteristics and stories. Prepare to  3D print these beasts and face challenges like never before with these legendary dragons by your side.

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