From the rock and dust of the primalian mountains to the unforgiving swamps in Eastern Valerna, all fear and bend to the maghyri’s will. This month’s collection, our first season’s finale, is Tyveria. The beginning of the adventure, and the center of its political intrigue.

Battle the manticora, a creature from the region that has learned to obey maghyr law and to serve a lord and family. These creatures are smart, dangerous and know how to defend with their spiked bodies. Have your party face a Kadhah, the fearsome curse every maghyr carries. These foes will haunt their target forever, fighting them once and again, growing ever stronger, learning. One thing remains certain to all maghyr with one imperial exception: if the battlefield doesn’t kill you, your kadhah will.

Not all maghyri expect their future with the same conviction. Many require something more before taking their fated step. Add Fareina of house Seren to your collection and see her shape herself into a maghyr house ruler of her own. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to create your own blood sorcerer.

This marks the end of our first season. December will mark the launch of season 2: Halls of Nightmare. Return to the hollowdepths and fai woods with a new quest which will shed more light on the realms and the first of hellscapes that await underground: the Thornmarches. Remember, you don’t have to do anything to receive your rewards; just renew your subscription. Each season includes a full-length adventure as well as monthly rewards to aid running them.

Join our tribe now and never run out of ideas and creatures for your TTRPG encounters, again!

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