Hi dinos’ and dodos’ fans!

It has been a couple of months filled with great news from the avian archipelago, where our favorite dodos keep riding dinos in a constant race to claim who’s the leader of their island.

Dodos Riding Dinos are arriving all through the globe to eager backers who keep sending us pictures of their minis and their families having a lot of fun flicking meteors to each other in a racing frenzy full of fun. (I love alliterations)

So we will be throwing a party, a painting party and you are all invited!

So, here’s the deal:

– Upload your Dodo’s Riding Dinos painted miniatures to any (or all, we won’t limit you) of the following SM platforms:

– Use the #PaintingPartyDrD

– No digital painting/editing is allowed

– You have until March 31st at 11:59pm CST to upload your pictures

– Winners will be announced on April 2nd

We will choose a random winner in each platform, so upload as many as you want in as many platforms as you like to increase your winning chances, let the world see your dino-talent!

In addition, a group of dino painters from Draco Studios and Detestable Games will choose the best 3 painted miniatures to win some awesome prices.

Since you are already there, it will help us a lot if you rate Dodos Riding Dinos in Board Game Geek, so we will include a winner from the rating system on that platform (this is not a bribe, merely an incentive *wink* ).

Random Prizes :A promo from Creature Kingdoms or sleeve pack.

Choose between:

Dragon Mamma, Cluckthulhu, Yolk-Sothoth, Mecha Chicken Dinosaur, Kux & Babbey, Nest miniatures (Kiwi Chow Down), Gooey Kiwi

Selected winners: A base game from Creature Kingdoms.

Choose between War for Chicken Island, Dodos Riding Dinos, Kiwi Chow Down or Even the next Creature Kingdoms release.

As you can see, we will pick random winners, so anyone can participate!

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