Welcome back dragonbonded.

The world of dragonbond continues to expand. Those of you who belong to our tribe over at MyMiniFactory are already familiar with the enormous hellscape that reaches down into the abyss. Soon, you will have a chance to learn even more. Our campaign, Demons of the Hollowdepths, will launch on November the 30th.

This campaign will be similar to Dragons of the Red Moon, which launched a couple of years ago. It showcases our Daimoi (plural of Daimos), the demonic and brutal overlords of the Hollowdepths, each a representation of their twisted ideals. What is worse, their realms are just as terrifying. The deeper one reaches into the Hollowdepths, ever closer to the abyss, the more dangerous things get.

We want to take it slow, to ensure quality. For this first damioi campaign we are focusing on the following.

  • Assamiel, Daimos of Awe. ruler of Assamia, the eighth deepest realm in the Hollowdepths. To follow him, to join his cult is to have the privilege to witness his grandeur and lose oneself in his glory.
  • Rakid, Daimos of Craving. Rakid’s realm is the second, only below the Thornmarches. A passage of incomplete wishes, a vault of wanting for more is their realm. Rakid thrives in the sense of emptiness when facing lack of completion.
  • Gamazsh, Daimos of Excess. A diplomat by nature, Gamazsh’s realm sits right in the middle of the Hollowdepths. Here, violence, pleasure and pain are in excess, if only to complete the basic needs required for proper diplomacy among the daimoi.

Like our dragons campaign, we are offering gargantuan minis (200 mm). Unlike that campaign, we are reducing our available rewards. We are offering only 600 miniatures, 200 of each of the Damios in our collection. This will be your only chance to add these rulers, along with their lore and RPG information, to your collection.

Stay tuned to our social media and our Discord server for more news on this and all our upcoming and existing projects. You can also click here to get notified when the campaign launches.

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