Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about how excited I am to be attending Gen Con, the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America, for the first time.

For me, this experience is about the complete package, my first time flying out of Mexico (and heights terrify me, yikes!), and the first time attending such a large convention. I have had the opportunity to accompany Draco Studios to the Mega XP, but nothing close to the scale that Gen Con has to offer.

What do I expect from the convention?

First of all meeting a lot of interesting people, cosplayers, board game enthusiasts, new TTRPGs, and found props for my roleplaying sessions. I’m especially interested in finding some mind-blowing dice set to add some more magical math rocks to my ever-growing dice horde.

I’m looking forward to checking out Cryptozoic’s booth since I backed their “Injustice DC Deck Builder” game on Kickstarter and I’m a HUGE superhero geek, maybe seeing Bandai’s booth to get a One Piece TCG deck for a friend (and that friend is me) and some super cute shirts from Tee Turtle’s stand.

So if you have any suggestions on which stands and events I should hit up, let me know.

I expect to see you at Gen Con, I’ll spend most of my time in booth #664, so please come say “Hi!” and bring me your suggestions for the things that I absolutely MUST do to get the best Con experience possible, and if you fancy, we could talk all about Dragonbond, the loads of games, and maybe, just maybe we could have a Dodos Riding Dinos competition, or talk about Dragonbond if you are interested in TTRPGs.

This is exciting, folks, let’s see how many shenanigans we can get into together.

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