Two billion years from now seems far away, but we figure it’s a smart idea to start our research into what will await in the Ninth World. A few months ago some of you helped us bring some amazing miniatures from the world of Numenera. Now, we are bringing it back. Today, we are proud to announce that we are launching a whole new Reveries of the Ninth World campaign on Kickstarter.

Numenera: Reveries of the Ninth World is a fully digital campaign live now. We are bringing a whole new collection of 10 amazing models from the ninth world. Returning backers will also get the truly wonderful Amber Monolith for free. This fascinating contraption is a landmark to the ninth age, a contraption from a time long gone. Our sculptors have captured the time that has come and gone for the monolith and, in many ways for the earth itself.

We are also bringing back our biomes from this campaign, in case you didn’t manage to get them last time.

As we did with the first Reveries, you will decide our stretch goal collection. We are also making all of our rewards into add-ons, so you can build your collection however you want. Want to check out the miniatures? You can get a free sample of the sathosh. All you have to do is visit our campaign and click the link.

This campaign is an excellent way to learn more about Monte Cook’s Numenera, a world a billion years in our future where other eight worlds have come and gone and left their remnants behind for the ages to follow. You can learn more with the digital books we are also adding in our campaign.

Join us now on Kickstarter Stay tuned to our social media for more news, or join our Discord server to join the conversation with us and other fans of the hobby.

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