Greetings, agents,

Last week we went live on Twitch to play Eldritch Century with a couple of friends and we had a blast. The party was made up of some folk from our Discord server who got in touch with us, and we were really happy to have them with us. We played ran through Into the Miasma, one of the adventures included in the Dossiers.

These days, we are very accustomed, and happy to play online. It has allowed us to get closer to you. We’ve been running these kinds of games for a few months, and we love them all the time. We get to see your faces as you trudge through the Wounded Earth and face the horrors of the miasma.

You can check it out here.

Twitch – Into the Miasma!

We had a couple of technical issues scattered throughout the stream, but the experience was, as it usually is, incredibly fun. We got to get creative with powers and faced the challenges through and through. We were supposed to be done in a couple of hours, and we ended up saying goodbye deep into the night.

I’ve run this adventure many times, and this was the first time the party went to Balvi first. Luckily, I had a couple of back-up encounters that fit just as well in any environment. Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the stream, other than my complete illiteracy whenever roll20 towers over me, was how much we learned from one another through solutions that came on the spot. This is common in role-playing games, but playing by the rules of our real Earth—however deep it is ruled by the miasma now—made our solutions hit closer to home while still speaking of our characters.

Remember the ravine, for instance? It’s always been a part of the map, but people are usually coming out. I never once had to consider the weather or climate inconsistencies inside the miasma. Then here comes Kory asking about precipitation and structural matters of the cliffs that make up the ravine. It got me thinking about chasing them out with a cave-in, but time was upon us. Next time.

The car was a hundred percent improvised, yes. But only because we ended up with a mechanical horse-driven carriage in the mix.

We want to make more of these! Moy and myself love running Eldritch Century adventures and would love to be able to include them in our in-house productivity measures for our income just so we can rub it in our friend’s faces. However, we won’t do it if it’s not with the community, so expect to hear from us again. Follow us on Discord and our Social Media if you want some help setting up your own games, and remember, you can get everything Eldritch Century related in digital format here or purchase your physical copies of the Corebooks in your local hobby store.

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