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As you know, Eldritch Century was our first project to get us started, and it is also the first to reach the local hobby stores. Building Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth alongside you has been a wonderful experience.

We are getting started with a few stories written by our head of lore for the rest of miasma day celebrations. Before we get into the stories, we will also keep you posted on Draco Studios news and products.

First up is Dossiers, our starter set.

Dossiers is a starting collection for new players or people who want to test it out before fully taking a dive into the miasma.

It includes the basic rules for exploring the miasma. It gives a quick refresher of dice rolling mechanics and then details the changes between the Draco System and the 5th edition rules of the world’s most famous role playing game. Afterwards, it holds a quick primer for you to get a grip on the world of Eldritch Century.

We also created a few characters for you. Two from each faction so you can get a taste of our Paths (our alternative to classes in the Draco System). These characters can, naturally, be used to run the three-part adventure that you can find at the end of your file. This mission will see your characters exploring a strange mystery on a train to Sapporo, immerse themselves in the Miasma and find new, terrifying information about one of our favorite monsters.

Have you already played this? How did your missions go?

Remember that as of October the 2nd, these things are all true:

  • All Kickstarter backers have received their copy. Please let us know if you haven’t through support@dracostudios.com
  • Our core rulebook, the collection Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth, is available in local hobby stores.
  • Our digital starter set, Dossiers, is available for digital purchase. It includes the base rules of our game and three adventures to test with pre generated characters.
  • The adventure The Darkest Hour, the novel The Depths, the anthology Tales from the Fog and the graphic novel The Azure Owl are now available for digital purchase.
  • All of our STLs are now available in MyMiniFactory to buy as part of the public.

Remember that you can find us on social media. You can also join our Discord server, where you can all chat in real time with the team and the community.

Aside from the news on each article, we are sharing in-universe documents following a team of scientists as they search for the origins of the miasma. Don’t worry, only Owls need to have read the full six-hundred page report, what we provide on these communications should be fine for you.

Note that this project was once expected to be printed on the Atlantean newspaper the Province Herald, but since the interception, we have contacted and invited the team to join our Initiative. For more information on their invitation, check with recruitment at Iceland HQ.

Good luck out there, agents.

Miasma Day: A retrospective

A collaborative process as written by Doctors Oscar Juárez*, Camila Ferreira, Dylan Wasanne McLintock, Bes Chaths Moswen*, Wong Sezja, and Matsuda Haru.

October 2nd, 1983

Sixty-five years ago, following the increasingly complex military conflict that resulted from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and plenty of other bubbling historical struggles, our world changed forever. It is common knowledge among the factions that on this day, during 1918, the miasma appeared in the Meuse-Argonne region of France, theoretically taking the lives of the entire American Expeditionary Force. This paper, mailed directly to the Editor of the Providence Herald, seeks to shed light on new developments discovered by this team regarding the event.

The first half was led by Doctors Juárez and Chaths, but upon their disappearance, the rest of the paper was taken over by the team. Attached are a few clippings of memos and communications among the team and between the team and outside informants.

Our sources of information come from three different natures. The biggest, and mandatory, bulk are written files as taken from libraries and archives around the globe. In a similar concentration, the team held interviews with scientists, philosophers, journalists and witnesses that could bring in more personal, sensory details that can be instrumental in the reconstruction of events. The team also approached engineers and more eerie practitioners from their factions—as the nature of phenomena like the shadow techniques of Wayang puppeteers are only revealed to certain people within the Oceanic Community. Finally, the team underwent three different expeditions into France with help from undisclosed allies to ensure their survival.

Despite popular rumors, Doctors Juárez and Chaths’ nearly simultaneous disappearances did not happen within the fog or during these expeditions.

Day Zero

Only those who were near the incident can reveal what truly happened. The Atlantean Alliance has records of survivors of the incident currently living on Atlantean soil. This is effectively a misnomer, perhaps fueled by a political agenda. These seven people, now aged 75 and up, were nowhere close enough to the surging of the miasma to be called survivors per se. They were inhabitants of neighboring regions who could see the miasma grow, but were too far to see any of the details.

The living subjects remain healthy and were, in their prime, productive members of society, albeit grim and distant. Only two people remain in the Alliance: Mademoiselle Amélie Toutou in New Albion, and Monsieur Edouard Martin in the Saint Michael Home for the Elderly in New Hampshire. According to Mademoiselle Toutou, a third survivor migrated to Canada in the sixties. We tried to contact Monsieur Tristan Duplantier through the Canadian government, but only met with a rock wall. The one thing we did gather from the Atlantean records of miasmic refugees was that Monsieur Duplantier had fake molars replacing molars 30, 31, 17 18, and 19 from an accident in his youth.


Something didn’t ring right to me while searching for Tristan. I know you asked me to drop it, but Haru insists that I follow my instinct, and I trust her. It has proven fruitful in the past.

I was contacted by a reporter from the Boston Inquisitor last night—shocking, I know. He told me that he learned of a series of fires in Central Saskatchewan that follow a very intriguing pattern. They were all made by the same group of people and took place over the Winter of 1980 before they ended abruptly on February 18. He used “abruptly” due to the state of the final fire on Hildebrand Drive, which only consumed the attic and stopped suddenly before it could spread to the rest of the house.

He insists that the miasma professional at the Inquirer has confirmed a miasmic trail in the scene of the arson. That is the third mention of miasmic trails since we started. Did anyone say anything? I will keep you posted as I learn more.


Monsieur Edouard is now 94 and is under constant watch of doctors as his brain functions give way. Monsieur Martin didn’t have any children, and his closest contact, one Pamela Rivera from New Hampshire, could only speak to his attitude as a customer and later patient. She learned nothing of his personal life “as if by Edouard’s design.”

Amelie, trying her best to enjoy her retirement, welcomed us into her home to share her testimony. Doctors Juárez, McLintock, and Masuda attended.

“I must have been fifteen by then. My father and I were living close to Belgium. He was a shoemaker and he fashioned boots for the soldiers and their allies. I would help him in the shop and volunteer to carry boots for the soldiers. I wanted to help, and I did. There was a hill from where we could see the forest, like a distant moss patch covering part of the expanse and the hills. I once loved going there, because being so vastly open, it was safe from enemy fire, because soldiers wouldn’t tread in the first place.

“How wrong I was.

“On that day, I was on my way to take boots to the Americans with my father. He was an artist when it came to shoes and painting, and as such, he followed his gut. He left the cart with the shoes on the floor and climbed up the hill. I can still remember the look on his face when he first got that bad feeling. His eyes were about to pop out of his face and he became so pale. His face was naturally very dark, but for a moment I could see the color of his veins.

“By the time we arrived at the top, it had already started. A dense fog was coming out from between the trees; at first, we thought it was a chemical “accessory”, but we changed our minds quickly. We covered our noses and got ready to run when we heard the screams coming from the forest. The cloud stuck to the ground and soon covered the entire forest. We saw a man rush out of the forest, his posture forward leaning close to the ground as if rushing his body in animal panic, tripping but pushing himself up to escape. He didn’t clutch his nose, let alone wear his mask, which we had learned was protocol. every step he took, the fog threatened to catch up with him as it expanded out.

“At first we could hear him scream in panic, along with the other soldiers, but it cut out suddenly, as if someone had destroyed a transmitter calling mayday. I have heard people die in the front lines, but this was no such case.

“It stopped just outside the edge of the forest, and it had taken him along with the woods. Father was stuck in place, speechless; I did go down. I could only think, as the miasma expanded upward into the heavens, of a witch’s cauldron from a story my grandmother would tell me to get me to behave. The closer I got, the taller it rose. I could not brave its limit, so I stopped a good ten meters away. I could only wonder why the man hadn’t emerged, as many others had done so from chemical attacks. Only later did I notice: I couldn’t hear anything. Not birds, not screams, no wind.

“I saw a picture of a miasmic burst in Seattle last year. I have only seen it once. I cannot shake the memories.”

At this point, Mademoiselle Amelie asks us to stop…


I lost my transceiver in Paris while we were getting away from that flying bastard. I know we can get regular radios from the equipment crate, but I was wondering if you could “re-engineer” it for me and add some Tesla into it? I have my own radio at home and this one can remain here and come with me to expeditions if it makes you feel more comfortable.



PS: Do you really think Oscar has contacts high enough that he can get a newspaper to print three hundred pages?Step into the miasma, if you dare!

Step into the miasma, if you dare!

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