Included in the Rise of Itza Gamers and Collectors Tiers is The Weeping Mother RPG adventure.

This 96-page urban mystery is designed for four 12th-level players, and we asked Draco’s resident writer Bernado Alvarez to give us a flavor of what it’s all about.

Berno: The city of Angdáin still reels from the dragon and elven attack that tore it asunder. Reconstruction continues throughout the city, but like all other urban developments of its size, there are still stories to find.

The Rise of Itza brings in a roleplaying adventure to scratch the itch for tabletop storytelling. This adventure takes place after the events of the graphic novel and features its heroes as they continue to shape Nahuac.

This is an excellent way to experience the Nahuac Coalition and get an in-person look at the way the realms of Valerna impact one another.

On the city’s eastern reaches rise six massive trees whose crowns offer light shade and color to the streets below during the day and a wonderful stargazing experience during the night.

It is a neighborhood of culture, music, and wisdom, where folk from all walks of life take a moment to learn and meander.

Most are drawn to the mystifying observatory tower known as the Seventh Canopy, a tower of stone and overgrowth that rises tall above the treetops. Once, this was a simple, out-of-the-way merchant crossing. Now, Tocotzin Six Canopies rises popular and strong.

Rumors abound.

Most, uneasily, further escalate the fear of the recent attack; others shed light on a more immediate issue, one closer to home. There’s the matter of the predator hiding in one of the caves outside the city limits, which can be resolved with a healthy distance from the area.

Less known, but just as crucial, are the missing people, those taken under mysterious circumstances.

Only a few have noticed, and with all city resources placed on reconstruction and defense, city authorities have reached out to outsiders.

This third-tier adventure follows a party of adventurers as they explore this region of Angdáin. As they search the neighborhood, the party will learn of the familiar dispute behind the disappearances, of the way it is linked to the cave in the distance, and of the extent to which the danger could threaten the entire city.

Many challenges await, from the creature hiding in the cavern to the fearsome wails of the Weeping Mother.

The Weeping Mother RPG adventure was first featured as one of the rewards for members of our Tribe on MyMiniFactory. It has gone through one more editing pass and a rewrite, and it comes with a whole new set of art, ready for printing.

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Claim your own copy of The Weeping Mother, available in the Gamers and Collectors tiers of The Rise of Itza Kickstarter campaign, launching March 14th, 2023. 

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