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One of Draco’s founding pillars is to create quality products, whether that be games, lore or miniature sculpts. And so we were delighted this week when we were informed that our Dragons of the Red Moon plastic dragons set had been included amongst the nominations for an ENNIE!

Nominated alongside four other products in the ‘Best RPG Related Product’ category, the Dragons of the Red Moon face some stiff competition if they’re going to win. But we’re proud of the fact they have been nominated, and with your help we can bring back an award!

In case you missed the release (and because we love talking about dragons!), here is a quick reminder of what all the fuss is about.

The Dragons of the Red Moon

In our Kickstarter, three of the dragons on offer were Aureus Fulgen, Baastherox, and Kuxcoatl. And it was these three that were entered into the ENNIES awards for 2023.

Here they are…

Aureus Fulgen

Aureus Fulgen plastic 200mm dragon shown next to smaller human-size mini for scale
Aureus Fulgen, 200mm gargantuan dragon, shown next to Qan Elise for scale.

One of the oldest living beings in existence, Aureus Fulgen is so old he even remembers the rise of The Primordial Dragon, Kadmos. Often referred to as His Radiant Majesty, Aureus was also present when Kadmos ultimately fell at the hands of the Dragonbonded…

Over those countless years, he has taken part in many of the most important events and conflicts that have shaped the Red Moon’s history. Aureus continues to be the greatest strategist and politician that Drakha has ever known, while his deeds have led to him being as much feared as he is respected…

Painted Aureus Fulgen gargantuan dragon miniature
Aureus Fulgen, painted by MIMI Painting Studio.


Baastherox plastic 200mm dragon shown next to smaller human-size mini for scale
Baastherox, 200mm gargantuan dragon, shown next to Adreal for scale.

Baastherox is as ancient as the name of Drakha, and the mightiest dragon on the Red Moon. A curse on his bloodline leaves him unable to sire offspring, and thus Baastherox stands alone, a brood of one.

It was he who challenged Kadmos to single combat, and though he lost the duel, Baastherox held his own, surviving when any other would surely have perished. All dragon-kind remember this deed, and many have tried to prove their own worth by challenging Baastherox in combat. All have failed.

Painted Baastherox gargantuan dragon miniature
Baastherox The Mightiest, painted by MIMI Painting Studio.


Kuxcoatl plastic 200mm dragon shown next to smaller human-size mini for scale
Kuxcoatl, 200mm gargantuan dragon, shown next to Qan Elise for scale.

The azhurma of Brood Coatl, Kuxcoatl is arguably the greatest wizard in all the worlds. Unusually, Kuxcoatl was born a dragon-kin, one of the lesser ancestries of dragon-like beings that inhabit Drakha. Through relentless arcane study, Kuxcoatl awakened his true magical potential, challenging and defeating the previous azhurma in a sorcerous duel and transforming himself into a pureblooded dragon in the process.

Kuxcoatl values knowledge above all else and is driven by a desire to uncover every secret of Vaala, to improve his mind, and amass true power.

To Kuxcoatl, nothing is forbidden; the world is full of unknown possibilities, hidden behind the questions that others fear to ask, down the paths others are scared to tread.

Painted Kuxcoatl gargantuan dragon miniature
Kuxcoatl, painted by MIMI Painting Studio.

Please vote for us!

The minis from the Dragons of the Red Moon are a stunning addition to any RPG game. And we are so very happy that the wider gaming industry has recognized the quality through the judge’s selection as an ENNIE nominee for ‘Best RPG Related Product’.

And if you’re attending Gen Con this year, you’ll be able to get your hands on these dragons over at the Draco stand! You’ll find us at booth 1449.

With your help, Dragons of the Red Moon could take the gold award at this year’s ENNIES, so if you love our dragons, please vote for us before the window closes on July 23rd!

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