Assamiel, the Winged Sun, First Above All, Archon of Awe

Oh, but to witness a fraction of Assamiel. For he truly is the Archon of Awe. Assamiel was the first of Daimos. Far from their creator, but an example to follow. So vast is his presence, and so entrancing his being. Their trembling legs, their mouths agape, their pupils dilating way past the iris. All of this nurtures him.

When one is sacrificed to Assamiel, the admirations and hopes, the love and despair, all flow into Assamiel, to whom they are directed. The rest, whatever remains of one sacrifice’s identity becomes locked in the statues and structures of Assamia. Their cries of fear, pain, and entranced detachment only make them all the more beautiful. All the more revering of Assamiel.

Art by Jason Engle. WIP


This territory is dotted with great cities and temples of magnificent, alien architecture, decorated with breathtaking daimonic patterns and motifs of Assamiel’s symbols, such as the wings, sun, and eye. These structures are isolated, linked among themselves only by seemingly natural mineral bridges with the vague shapes of feathers linked together.

Being among the deepest levels of the Hollowdepths, the region of Assamia is covered by pitch darkness, a gloom so thick that no surface light can break it. In this blind shadow, only Assamiel’s walls and bridges stand out as beacons of light and warmth, luring travelers in to partake of their majesty and remain forever spellbound in the grandeur that is Assamiel.

Intrigued? Stay tuned for more! Remember that the “Demons of the Hollowdepths” KS Campaign ends on Dec 16th!

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