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Shape the Dragonbond: Endless Sagas Universe. Explore Valerna, create your heroes, defeat some villains, test unique powers, feats, rules, and amazing spells in your home 5e game, and give us your feedback.

Dragonbond: Endless Sagas is a collection of role-playing books exploring the vast and exciting Dragonbond fantasy setting. Here are just some of the reasons we are so excited about the launch.

  • You can adventure with a fully realized dragon in your party. One that grows with your character with our new Dragonbonding rules.
  • Enhance your 5e spells with the complimentary wonders of the Vaala magic system.
  • Discover enhanced character creation, compatible with new and upcoming 5e rules, with 10 new ancestries, 40 new subclasses and 2 new classes
  • Add culture and organizations to your character creation, making your character’s story an ongoing part of your game.
  • Challenge over 300 new 5e monsters from flying axolotls to colossal ice titans!
  • Explore the massive world of Valerna, a rich non-Eurocentric fantasy world full of stories, mysteries and fascinating cultures, where conflict and change create cultures like nothing you’ve seen before. A world with no gods, whose mythology is only just beginning, a world whose story you can shape.


What’s included in package one?


Vaala Adept

Vaala Adepts are focused spellcasters who devote themselves to one of the three aspects of Vaala. Where wizards define themselves by the spells they cast, and clerics venerate their ideals, the adepts are the supreme explorers of all vaala offers.



Path of Change: These barbarians embrace change, not the random allure of chaos, but the clear stages of the changing seasons. For a barbarian on the path of change, their powers, rage and even their moods depends on the season they choose to focus on.

Path of Scars: The scars and tattoos on their body tell the story of the barbarian’s life, keep tally of their feats, and are a physical representation of the power of their rage. Where other barbarians rely on emotion or some external source for their fury, tha scared barbarians have learned to embrace the pure force of pain to Shape Vaala into their rage.

Path of Omens: Prophecies, divinations, omens and signs guide these barbarians in combat, allowing them to anticipate and even shape the actions of others. When a barbarian who follows this path rages, its actions are influenced and guided by skein and web of fate.


College of Influence: More often than not, how you say something is much more important than what you actually say. Adherents of the College of Influence embrace this philosophy using charm, personality and emotion to take hold of the hearts and minds of their audience.

College of the Gallivant: There are some bards who prefer to live the stories and songs of epic adventures that others only sing about. Bards from the College of the Gallivant believe adventure can only truly be known by experiencing it. They are a seekers, explorers using the knowledge of the past to guide their ongoing expeditions and adventures

College of Nightmares: These bards are singers of dreams, pipers of the night. Their music slips into the mind, calling on others to listen, and lower their guard to their whispered song. They use Dream to insidiously sap the will of their targets as they sleep, and even enter waking minds.


Circle of blood: Blood is an integral part of nature. It provides life, and its absence means death for most creatures. Some druidic circles know the power of blood, and use it to strengthen their bond with nature.

Circle of Reverie: Druids of the Circle of Reverie believe the natural world extends beyond the corporeal, and reaches into the realm of dream. They see little difference between the waking world of the physical and the ethereal world of dreams. Their magic allows them to cross between realities, generate illusions, and even provides glimpses of the future.

Circle of Weave: Many druids believe nature is a patterned weave where every thread of creation touches, sustains and shapes every other strand. They draw inspiration from the webs of spiders and the nests of birds, learning to manipulate one strand by tugging on a different one, or how to connect diverse elements into a patterned whole.

New Mechanics

Vaala Affinity, points and pool.

As a character in Dragonbond, you gain a reservoir of mystical energy representing your ever-deepening connection to vaala. The points from this vaala pool can be spent to activate or augment class or subclass features.

In addition, your character gains Motes which reflect a natural or acquired affinity to one of the aspects of vaala, and allows you to reduce the amount of vaala points needed to activate a feature.

As you can see, the Dragonbond Universe is filled with surprises and exciting adventures, and this is just the beginning, folks!

We have SO much more in store for you, we are really excited to finally share the entirety of this world with you. To see you adventure in the land of Valerna is truly a dream come true for us.

Join us, playtest with us, and join a high fantasy adventure like no other

in Dragonbond: Endless Sagas


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