My name’s Mark Latham, and I’ve recently joined Draco Studios as the Intellectual Property (IP) manager for Dragonbond. In a nutshell, that means I get to develop all the cool lore that you see in every Dragonbond project, from the Endless Sagas RPG, to the great fiction and tabletop games that we have in the works.

This really is a dream job, because it involves not only immersing myself in the amazing world of Dragonbond all day long, but also working with the amazingly creative international team that makes up Draco Studios, from artists and miniatures designers, to writers and games developers. No two days are the same in this line of work. Just this week, for example, I’ve expanded the lore for an entire in-game faction based around the mysterious Snow Orcs of Gellanor, discussed the appearance of living architecture of the Sikarian Dominion, helped plan the future launch of some rather splendid dragon miniatures (ooh, such a tease), and helped our talented RPG writers work out the technical differences between beastfolk and wild-kin. They say variety’s the spice of life, right?

As it’s my job to meddle… erm… I mean… “help with” a whole range of projects, I’m probably well-placed to be your guide to the weird, wonderful, and vibrant world of Dragonbond. So take a look at this month’s news, and enjoy today’s deep dive into Valerna.

May was all about Allaria!

In May we took a deep dive into Allaria, the Dragon Kingdom of Valerna. We covered its races, culture, how influential their dream magic is to their architecture, craftsmanship, and fashion, and we even saw how the Fai (dream magic) touches on their flora and fauna.

We even got the chance to use some allarian items and spells for our current 5e campaigns.

As we step into June, we are also moving away from Allaria (not for long) and traveling into the corrupt, power-hungry, and remorseless Tyveria, home of the vampiric blood sorcerers, known as Maghyr. Don’t miss out on daily FREE content about this valerian realm.

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How about some awesome art?

Check out what our artists are working on for the Dragonbond Universe.

Orcs on dinosaurs ride into Tribes this month

Protected by their amber armor and weapons, trained dinosaurs, and a wild sense of pride in their war mother, these orcs and their elemental comrades are ready to stomp and conquer Valernian ground.

The proud amber orcs are a matriarchal tribal people with a deep respect for war and honorable death. Clad in amber armor and crafting really sharp weaponry out of their precious amber, these orcs are ready to smash the adventurers into a pulp.

The Djaat, an elemental force not to be reckoned with, infused with elemental fire and with a core made of ever-shifting amber, these creatures use their incredibly hot bodies to launch molten amber at their enemies, searing their flesh upon contact.

The obakkar War-mother on her Thunderhorn

A powerful matriarch of her tribe, riding a war-ready dinosaur with amber blades? Do we need more? This is so metal!

They are ready to stomp on your gaming table!

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What’s on the table?

The gray tide of shame keeps growing! Hi! I’m Moy, one of many Draco who loves games and crafts and wants to share some of our experiences with you in this section that we’ve decided to name “What’s on the table?” I’ve decided to step up my miniature painting game so I finally took the leap and decided to get an airbrush and some miniature painting lessons.

So for the past month, I’ve been learning how to clean an airbrush, and how to dilute some paint and I’ve watched endless tutorials to make sure that it all goes perfect on my first try.

And of course, it was a disaster! No amount of reading, prepping and tutorial-binging can prepare you for the real deal, I clogged my airbrush more times than I care to tell you, didn’t mix colors properly and what was supposed to be a cool cave troll ended up looking like the All-mighty Poo from Conquer’s bad fur day (I’m showing my age with this reference, I know).

But, Alas, I didn’t give up and kept practicing until something fairly decent came up, It’s still a Work in Progress, but I’m very happy with how the Ferellon from Dragonbond I’m painting is coming along.

Not too shabby, uh? I just hope to be able to paint enough minis to reduce the gray tide of shame that keeps piling on.

Dragonbond community shoutout! Many of you reached out to us via Facebook, Discord, and Instagram to share some of your epic art! So check them out!

Hey, You made it to the end! Thanks so much for sticking with us, we promise to keep bringing you the hottest news from the Dragonbond Universe and all of its projects, see you on the next one!

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