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We are absolutely thrilled to share some news with you! Get ready to jump into the Dragonbond universe in a whole new way with Dragonbond Quest, a 1-4 player co-op card game designed by none other than the Sadler Brothers!  

Coming soon to Kickstarter, prepare to test your skill and strategy as you embark on thrilling quests and face the dangers that lurk in every corner of the fantastical realm of Valerna.

Dragonbond Quest card game box front
In Dragonbond Quest, you and your fellow players will join forces to overcome challenges that await you. 

Designed by the Sadler brothers, Dragonbond Quest is an evolution of the popular card games Heroes of Terrinoth and Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. 

We are delighted to work with Adam and Brady to take this popular system and develop it further into a new universe. We have exciting plans to support and develop the system with expansions to keep the gameplay unique and interesting.

If you want to join the playtest for our card game Dragonbond Quest and have a blast with our community, join our discord here.

But let’s talk about some of the things that you will find in the core game, shall we?

Dragonbond Quest: The Heroes

Choose one of the great heroes of Valerna and forge your legend in the annals of this magnificent world.

Eirándi, shapeshifting warrior of Nahuac

Card game Heroe Eirándi
Trained to kill from an early age, a no-nonsense warrior and stalker, Eirándi is sworn to protect the natural order, by any means necessary.

Adrael, powerful blood sorcerer of Tyveria

Card game heroe Adrael
Blood Emperor Adrael is the fearless, and manipulative ruler of the Tyverian Empire and a powerful blood sorcerer whose desire for power knows no bounds.

Qan Elyse, Dragon Queen of Allaria

Card game heroe Elyse
Qan Elyse I was born in the ruling dynasty and is a silver elf who lived in oppression until she rose to the throne of Allaria. She is idealistic and skilled in Dream magic.

Oryan, pious knight of Ysval

Card game heroe Oryan
Oryan Yssan is a good-hearted bear of a man, a burly warrior, and a pious knight. He renounced the throne of Ysval, but he still cares for his people and is faithful to the Galadyan Light.

Choose Your Path

In Dragonbond Quest your hero’s skills are determined by the Path you choose for them.

Path of Shadows

With lightning speed and masterful precision, sneak through shadows, dealing devastating sneak attacks, leaving enemies trembling in fear.

Path of Rage

Fueled by unbridled fury, crush adversaries with bone-shattering strength, and shrug off wounds that would fell any other warrior, becoming an unstoppable force of sheer brutality.

Path of Knowledge

Harness the raw power of Vaala, conjure blazing fireballs and icy tempests, unleashing arcane storms upon your foes, leaving a trail of smoldering destruction in your wake.

Path of Light

Radiate with ethereal light, mend wounds, and revitalize allies with miraculous spells, mending broken bones and rekindling the flame of life.

Customize your Heroes

Equip them with powerful artifacts and spells through loot and Vaala Cards. These additions provide a new layer of strategic depth, allowing you to tailor your heroes’ abilities to suit your playstyle and optimize your chances of victory. Craft the perfect combination of skills, items, and spells, maximizing your team’s potential to overcome even the most daunting challenges.

Bond With a Dragon

Players can choose to dragonbond their mighty heroes with dragons encountered in the wild, bonded dragons can protect them from hostile dragons. But If heroes fail to bond with them, these winged nightmares will hunt their locations, serving as dangerous foes that cannot be defeated!

Learn more about the Dragonbond universe dragons here!

Assemble your team, take the role of legendary heroes, and stand against formidable dragons, vile villains, and hordes of vicious minions. The question remains: Can you withstand the threat and emerge with a victory?

If you are up to the challenge, sign up and get notified on launch!

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