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Lords of Vaala was launched on Kickstarter way back in August 2021, and thankfully, for all of us itching to get our hands on the game, the wait is almost over!

The base game has arrived and fulfillment is in progress for our backers that chose split shipping. For everyone else eagerly waiting for their delivery, the combined shipping package which includes expansions is still in production and will take a few more months

But, if you can’t quite wait that long, there is some further good news! During April 2023 a number of friendly local gaming stores across the US are hosting some demo games…

Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala boxed game

If you’re new to Dragonbond or need a reminder, Lords of Vaala is an asymmetric strategy game for 1-4 players. Play as a general, managing your army and resources, or play as a dragon destroying your foes and laying waste to the land. 

To win the game you must overcome the odds, plan your strategy and collect the most Vaala. The first player to amass 10 power tokens will claim victory.

During the game, a general and a dragon in the same region have a chance of becoming Dragonbonded and playing as a team! Once Dragonbonded each of the bonded characters gains a unique ability, as indicated on each character card. Oh, and once a dragon and a general become Dragonbonded, there will naturally be one less enemy to fight…

In the planning phase, players secretly play action cards in a face-down pile to program their actions across the board until one player passes; in the resolution phase, actions are resolved in order.

Dragons and generals play entirely differently in strategy and actions. And all characters in the game have a unique deck of spells. Featuring absolutely stunning miniatures, breathtaking fantasy artwork from industry-renowned artists, and unique gameplay developed by Alessio Cavatore. Lords of Vaala is an essential gateway into the Dragonbond universe.

Where to play Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala

Right. Now that we’re all up to speed, you’ll be wanting to know just where you can go to play a game, right? Well, with huge thanks and gratitude to the fabulous Envoy Program by Double Exposure, Inc, we are delighted to announce that, during April 2023, you can go and play Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala on selected days in the game stores listed below. Contact the one closest to you to see when you can play. 

New England

  • The Dragon’s Lair (Wallingford, CT) 203-626-5087. Website.
  • Back Again Board Game Cafe LLC (Middletown, CT) 860-854-6524. Website.


  • Game Kastle (College Park, MD) 301-477-3524. Facebook.
  • Play More Games (Gaithersburg, MD) 240-801-9375. Website.
  • Highlander Games (Boonton, NJ) 973-794-4001. Facebook.
  • Unplugged Gaming (Manlius, NY) 315-632-5034. Facebook.
  • 7th Dimension Games (Jenkintown, PA) 215-887-9550. Website.

The South

  • Bearded Browncoat Comics & Games (Ocala, FL) 352-433-2249. Website.
  • Nerdy Needs (Brandon, FL) 813-324-9250. Facebook.
  • Dice Drop Games (Macon, GA) 478-227-4401. Facebook.
  • Prime Time Gaming (Macon, GA) 478-257-7018. Facebook.
  • Comic Book World (Louisville, KY) 502-964-5500. Website.
  • Miso’s Game Room and Collectibles (Louisville, KY) 502-317-2755. Facebook.
  • The Destination – Games, Toys, & Comics (Louisville, KY) 502-883-2110. Website.
  • The Board Room (Hurricane, WV) 304-543-1638. Facebook.
  • GOAL (Gaming on All Levels) (formerly Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming) (Bridgeport, WV) 304-848-9210. Facebook.

The Midwest

  • Nerd HQ (Davenport, IA) 563-888-1852. Website.
  • AlleyCat Comics (Chicago, IL) 773-907-3404. Website.
  • Tri-States Games & Hobbies (Quincy, IL) 217-214-2484. Facebook.
  • HobbyTown (Wichita) (Wichita, KS) 316-683-7222. Facebook.
  • Pink Elephant Games and Cafe (Wichita, KS) 316-867-4411. Facebook.
  • The Burrow (Wichita, KS) 316-209-6217. Facebook.
  • Mission: Board Games – Mission (Mission, KS) 913-242-7970. Facebook.
  • Games4Life (Lake Orion, MI) 248-929-8121. Facebook.
  • Voss Media Board Game Cafe (Galesburg, MI) 269-377-0387. Facebook.
  • Peculiar Games and Hobbies (Peculiar, MO) 816-779-4263. Website.
  • Game Cafe (Independence, MO) 816-252-7529. Facebook.
  • The Game Shoppe (Omaha, NE) 402-991-8699. Facebook.
  • Toledo Game Room (Toledo, OH) 419-475-3775. Website.
  • Full Grip Games (Akron, OH) 234-312-9806. Facebook.
  • Great Oaks Tavern (Wadsworth, OH) 330-331-7199. Facebook.
  • Freedom Hobby and Gaming (Canton, OH) 330-880-5010. Facebook.
  • Bored Games (Juneau, WI) 920-386-8185. Facebook.
  • Alexandria Games (Ripon, WI) 920-896-6231. Facebook.
  • Hobby Knights (West Bend, WI) 262-429-2229. Facebook.

The Southwest

  • Mad Hatter’s House of Games (Lubbock, TX) 806-763-4054. Facebook.

The West

  • Gaming Adventures (New Plymouth, ID) 208-649-4244. 
  • Game Kastle (Reno) (Reno, NV) 775-657-8150. Facebook.
  • Retro Shark Gaming (Gresham, OR) 503-491-1555. Facebook.
  • Game Haven Sandy (Sandy, UT) 801-849-0945. Website.

How to play without visiting a store

If you can’t get to any of those FLGS locations, then you’ll be happy to know there is another way to play Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala – online! We’ve added the game to Tabletopia so you can play with friends or anyone else in the world. See if you can topple Moy from the top of the leaderboard!

Happy Dragonbonding!

We’re SO excited for this game to be in people’s collections, and we hope you manage to get out into a FLGS and play Dragonbond: Lords of Vaala. If you do, we have a small favor to ask – please take a few minutes to leave us a review over on Board Game Geek or wherever you usually review games. We’d really appreciate it!

The Draco Team.

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Rick May
April 5, 2023
Hey there! In addition to Bearded Browncoat in Ocala, I will also be visiting their Belleview location on the same Saturday (4/8). I'll be in Ocala from 11a-2p and in Belleview from 3p-6p But wait...there's more! I'll also be demoing at the brand new Unlucky Roll Cafe in Inverness on 4/22 from 3p-6p!

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