The ground stirs, incorporeal calls of shame and pain howl from the caves of Valerna. Be wary when traversing the tunnels, lest you end up in the Hollowdepths.

Demons of the Hollowdepths is Draco Studios’ new kickstarter campaign. Bring these massive demons to your gaming table, and bring a new layer of fear and desperation to your adventures manifested in the Daimoi. This is your chance to claim one (or more) of our 600 resin miniatures representing three of the demon lords of the Hollowdepths.

  • Assamiel: Daimos of awe, who relishes on the obsessive nature of those who lose themselves in his grandeur.
  • Gamazsh: Daimos of Excess, who celebrates the violent impulses nurtured in his halls
  • Rakid: Daimos of craving, her forcefully incomplete notions, behaviors and surroundings hollow out her victims, deprived of any closure.

The Dragons of the Red Moon are also back. 100 resin miniatures of our dragons are also available in this campaign. We limited our print this time so that we could fulfill each of our pledges as quickly as possible. This way, you can bring all the excitement of Dragonbond to your table as quickly as possible.

This campaign also offers a few STL bundles for you to print your own renditions of the Demons of the Hollowdepths and their followers. These are unlimited rewards available as long as the campaign is live and will become part of our store in the near future. Now is the chance to get them at a special kickstarter price.

Click here to pledge now. Don’t miss the chance to get these awesomely crafted resin miniatures and 3D printable files!

Stay tuned to our blog, social media, and Discord server, where you can stay in real-time contact with us and other members of our awesome community.

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