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The world of dragonbond continues to expand well past the confines of the red moon and the surface continent of Valerna. Recently, we launched the campaign Demons of the Hollowdepths on kickstarter. This campaign offers exclusive resin minis of three Daimos, demonic overlords who rule over vast realms in the Hollowdepths.

The Hollowdepths are a tunnel system that extends all over Valerna and that reaches down into the abyss. Each realm is a representation of the Daimos that rules over it. A hellscape of varying designs where Vaala, that endless flow of change, becomes corrupted by the creatures that dwell within.

Our minis are limited to 600—200 of each of our Daimoi. However, the campaign also offers STL bundles that include their Heralds, cultists who have ascended to their Daimos’ representation.

Returning backers from any of our past campaigns are entitled to a free copy of our Heralds STL bundle.

Here’s a bit of information about our starring Daimoi.

Assamiel, the Winged Sun, First Above All, Archon of Awe

Oh, but to witness a fraction of Assamiel. For he truly is the Archon of Awe. Assamiel may have been the first of the Daimoi. Far from their creator, but an example to follow. So vast is his presence, and so entrancing his being. Their trembling legs, their mouths agape, their pupils dilating way past the iris. All nurture him.

When one is sacrificed to Assamiel, the admirations and hopes, the love and despair, all flow into Assamiel, to whom they are directed. The rest, whatever remains of one sacrifice’s identity, becomes locked in the statues and structures of Assamia. Their cries of fear, pain and entranced detachment only make them all the more beautiful. All the more revering of Assamiel.

He acquired his status by leading a cabal of Altanesi sages that worshipped a Protogon. The cult followed Assamiel, and through him they worshipped the Protogon, who granted them crumbs of its power. But Assamiel was not content with serving as an intermediary, and he slowly and secretly drained the power that the protogon shared, feeding on his followers just as they became stronger, so his betrayal went unnoticed for decades. And he did not let the Vaala from their Protogon master flow – he accumulated it all within itself, becoming stronger and stronger until every member of the cabal had become a barely sentient mental slave, and the Protogon itself became a mindless elemental thing, subservient to Him, turning into what is now the Realm of Assamia itself. All its drained power had passed into Assamiel, who became an immortal entity, a parasite of Vaala, who would live forever on the awe and submission of others.

Rakid the Slithering Sorceress, Thief of Purpose, Conjuress of Craving

Once a human whose power inspired the schools in the Altanesi empire, Rakid revels in obsession, in the powerful pull of dependence. Her lands are uncomfortably close to the surface, almost intentionally so. A stubborn invitation to those unfortunate to listen. She feasts on the hauntingly incomplete, on the sheer emptiness of facing something eternally just short of completion.

Many of her followers have been by her side for generations, glued by their need to be beside her. In her name, the cult observes their victims descend into mindlessness, after years of lacking and desperately wanting. And they are so easy to miss on the surface and even across the Hollowdepths.

Like most daimoi, Rakid began life as a mortal – a mighty sorceress, and a counselor to Altanesi kings and architects, valued for her vast knowledge and sage advice. She founded the first Altanesi arcane schools, meant to master all aspects of Vaala – an impossible task, but one she benefited from, as mages and scholars throughout the empire came to her for guidance, sharing their power with her in return. She knew how to make others depend on her, both for knowledge and for arcane might, and she played on that dependency, taking the Vaala of Altanesi sorcerer kings to herself, and pitting them against each other in the process. The ensuing conflicts empowered her even more, and eventually she became all-powerful in her arcane might, discovering a way to actually stop the flow of Vaala and force it to accumulate within her, which, according to many scholars, made her the First Daimoi.

When the Altanesi Empire fell, she retreated to the Hollowdepths, intending to feed her power on buried sources of Vaala, such as protogons, until desire ruled the world once again. But her teachings had already left their mark, and many individuals followed her example, seeking the arcane power of the depths and using variations of her secret to store Vaala and become almighty. Thus Rakid’s teachings gave birth to the Daimos plague.

Gamazsh the Undeniable, Dread Duke of Delight, Daimos of Excess

Mightiest warrior and greatest of lovers. Gamazsh feeds on the frenzy of giving in. A lover of passion and all that is without measure or limit. Once a king aligned to Altan’s banner, Gamazsh was the leading force in the coup against him. He understood his people’s passions and frustrations and stoked their fire. To close the campaign he gave himself unto his former subjects to be torn apart. He would rise again as the embodiment of giving in.

Sacrifices are chosen from the strongest or most attractive citizens of Gamassia, often from the ranks of the very cults that choose them. After selection, sacrifices are given to Gamazsh and his Exalted to hurt and consume, which grants a very temporary, very short reprieve to the Dai’s endless desire.

Gamazsh was once a temperamental Altanesi King, whose realm was famous for its massive conquests, wild orgies and ritual sacrifice. The realm fell centuries before the Altanesi Empire ended, and there are no historical records of its fall. But some scholars conjecture that, tired with the king’s excesses and arbitrary rule, his people rose against him. It is also said that Gamazsh did not oppose them, but fanned the riots, and then joined in, even leading mobs to torch buildings and topple monuments. The people protesting against lawlessness had become lawless themselves, and Gamazsh was exhilarated to watch them roam the streets to vent their rage on anything or anyone. In the end, Gamazsh gave himself to the frenzied mob, which violated and mutilated his body as the great city burned to the ground. When the smoke cleared, Gamazsh rose again, his form restored and made immortal by the cataclysmic power of his city-wide sacrifice. He stood naked, panting and alone, overseeing the ashes of what had been his kingdom, and he knew one thing – he had to do this again. And again. And again.

These are only three of the nine Daimoi that exist in the world of Dragonbond. Intrigued?

To learn more about these demons and get your own copy for your gaming table or collection, go to our campaign. Find us on social media and join our Discord server where you can keep in touch with our community and the staff in real time. We’d love to have you.

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