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Battles of Valerna: Discover the Army of The Scourge Triumvirate

When the world still gasped for breath and the trees stopped walking, rooting themselves to the land, the boaab snakefolk, the first people, roamed Valerna.

Admirers and worshippers of dragons, the boaab paid fealty to the great wyrms of Drakha. Then came other peoples, children compared to the boaab. Among them were the humans, with their endless ambition and shifting purpose, and the world was forever changed, plunged into the chaos known today.

Deposed from their position of power by the greedy humans, the boaab retreated to the Citadel Uur, the first and greatest fortress-city of Valerna, to live by the old true ways. They built three other citadels, and persisted there in isolation. Their culture thrived, and their lands expanded. 

Soon the obakkar orcs and the mysterious djaat rallied to the boaab, forming what is now known as The Scourge Triumvirate in the region of Sabaar, an ancient Bakkai word meaning “scouring flame.”

Now, bound by a centuries-old alliance, the Scourge is ready to take vengeance upon the world of humans and reclaim their rightful place as rulers of Valerna.

The Scourge Triumvirate’s tactics focus on overwhelming numbers and brutal attacks.
Powerful units of Obakkar infantry wreak devastation on any battlefield, sweeping enemies aside through sheer strength alone. Before battle, they imbibe bakka amber, stoking the flame within and making them even more deadly.
The Obakkar foot troops are supported from the skies by Skywing Riders that swoop down onto enemy troops, ripping them to shreds, while below, deadly saurid cavalry units strike dread into enemy forces. Swift and vicious Scytherunners threaten enemy flanks, while the powerful Maw Tyrants can snap enemies in two with a well-placed bite from their powerful jaws. Add to that the almost un-killable Thunderhorns that can trample entire units beneath their clawed feet, and the army of The Scourge Triumvirate are clearly not shy of muscle.
As if that wasn’t enough, although few in number, the Boabb snakefolk are also a potent force. They use their Will magic to subjugate, weaken and intimidate the enemy while bolstering the morale of their own troops to make the army even stronger.
Rarer still are the mighty djaat, who have the ability to hurl giant flaming bolts at their enemies. Any troops with flammable materials on their body combust on the battlefield and turn into flailing bombs threatening to set their allies alight.

The Scourge Triumvirate 3D-printable Dragonbond army includes 20 models:

1 War-Mother on Maw Tyrant
1 Obakkar Suitor
3 Obakkar Consort
1 War-Mother on Skywing
2 Outriders on Scytherunners
2 Boaab Flamebrands
2 Djaat Firecallers
1 War-Mother on Thunderhorn
7 Obakkar Glaives

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