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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Roaming Monsters

Roaming monsters can be found in many wild places throughout the continent of Valerna. From the mischievous and cunning fai goblins of the Fell Courts to the gigantic chitinous beetles known as skarabokhi, whatever type of creature you fancy adding to your army, this pack probably has it.

Within a scenario, these AI-driven monsters add an extra layer of interest and strategy to any game. And with a little guile and cunning, some of the more intelligent wandering monsters can actually be bribed or otherwise convinced to aid you in the battle. Unless, of course, your opponent offers more… 

This 3D-printable Dragonbond pack of Roaming Monsters includes a whopping 47 models:

Dragonbond Shatterling miniature
Dragonbond Hua Folk miniatures
3 Hau Folk
Dragonbond Fai Goblins miniatures
3 Fai Goblins
Dragonbond Manticore miniatures
2 Manticore
Dragonbond Thoughtless miniatures
3 Thoughtless
Dragonbond Waada miniature
Dragonbond Fai Hydra miniature
Fai Hydra
Dragonbond Kadhah miniature
Dragonbond Fataar miniature
Dragonbond Primord miniature
Dragonbond Gem Troll miniature
Gem Troll
Dragonbond Delight Maskbound miniature
Delight Maskbound
Dragonbond Gemstone Golem miniature
Gemstone Golem
Dragonbond Dream Imps miniatures
3 Dream Imps
Dragonbond Weeping Mother miniature
Weeping Mother
Dragonbond Stormwurm Adult miniature
Stormwurm Adult
Dragonbond Stormwurm Hatchling miniatures
3 Stormwurm Hatchlings
Dragonbond Cave Dwarf miniatures
3 Cave Dwarves
Dragonbond Seabear Marauder miniature
Seabear Marauder
Dragonbond Pankratei Crabfolk miniature
Pankratei Crabfolk
Dragonbond The Tyrant miniature
The Tyrant
Dragonbond Nullwolf miniatures
3 Nullwolf
Dragonbond Nullworm miniatures
3 Nullworms
Dragonbond Avatar Null miniature
Avatar Null
Dragonbond Skarabokh miniature
Dragonbond Xaltozani miniature
Dragonbond Margur miniature
Dragonbond Ygarrua miniature
Dragonbond Cipag Lizard miniature
Cipag Lizard
Dragonbond Cipaxolod miniature

This pack also contains 1 Kaimera Guardian and 1 Abyssgazer. Images to follow shortly…

If you want to know more about the rest of the armies and support packs, then check out our main Battles of Valerna post.

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