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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Army of Allaria

The Jewel of the Westerlands, the Dragon Kingdom of Allaria is one of the mightiest realms in Valerna. Led by the Dragon Queen, Elyse, greatest Dreamshaper of the realm, they march into battle with armor gleaming beneath their flowing hydra banners.

Allaria is a marvelous realm of dualities, of artistry, and rigid discipline. The realm contains the greatest spellcasters, artists, and inventors of Valerna, with a culture built upon the assumption that half-elves, called the allai (honor elves), are wiser than either elves or humans and are, therefore, uniquely suited to rule. 

Only recently have Allarians begun to challenge this dogma, leading to an ongoing, and sometimes violent, overhaul of their society.

Dragonbond, Allaria

The Allarian army is known for its elite training and unparalleled discipline. Its armies are often outnumbered but rarely outclassed. Allarian soldiers never break formation and focus on patience and on knowing when and where to strike, relying on elite, well-trained soldiers renowned for keeping their cool in battle.

The mainstay of an Allarian army is the Oathguard. These elite men-at-arms fight in well-drilled formations, excelling at defensive tactics and forming an impassable wall of steel against which wave after wave of enemy soldiers crash.

Supporting these doughty warriors are the qirin riders, specialist cavalry that use the qirin’s intelligence to perform advanced maneuvers beyond the abilities of a regular mount. Alongside the qirin riders, bucentaur cavalry constitute the most fearsome element of the Allarian military. These mighty creatures more than compensate for their lack of discipline with their ferocity and zest for battle.

Since Qan Elyse ascended the throne, the armies of Allaria have included an increasing number of Dreamshapers amongst their ranks. Freed from the tyranny of the Dreamless Treatment, these combat wizards have learned to focus their connection with the Fai into a skillful art of warfare. Master strategists, Dreamshapers use their magic to transport Allarian units to where they are most needed or to confuse enemy troops with powerful illusions.

This complete 3D-printable Dragonbond army includes 41 models and a terrain feature.

1x Ferellon Fulgen
General Qan Elyse I (1 masked and 1 unmasked)
x3 Bucentaur Archers (Includes Chieftain Temkana)
x8 Grand Guild Enforcers (Includes Genius Gamao and Mrs. Crunch - Alternate Captain)
x4 Qirin Wardens (Includes Aelen of the Standard and Lu Manali - Alternate Captain)
x4 Dreamshaper Casters (Includes Iannai, the Sleepbringer and Wai Xen - Alternate Captain)
x6 Oathguard Halberdiers (Includes Eldai Zhenshi and En Fan)
x3 Qirin Hunters (Includes Lady Mawei)
x2 Bucentaur Blades (Includes Metka the Younger)
x4 Oathguard Duelists (Includes Parrymaster Qui)
x1 Aellas
x1 Elyse & Felleron
Pai Fang Terrain

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