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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Mercenaries

Outside the four great realms, many other peoples inhabit Valerna. While some live in harmony with the kingdoms around them, others seek to hire themselves out as mercenaries to those realms looking to bring in some extra attacking options…

From the shard ships of the nwoda sky dwarves, to the warrior caste of dream elves known as the Fell Knights, and the strange lifeforms that occupy the wild region of Sikaria, mercenaries of all kinds can be added to your Dragonbond army…

Ryellus miniature
Sikari Keraunos miniature
x3 Sikari Keraunos
Sikari Kaimeran miniature
Sikari Kaimeran
Nightmare Caller miniature
Nightmare Caller
Nwoda Sky Dwarves miniature
x3 Nwoda Sky Dwarves
Siren Enchantress miniatures
x3 Siren Enchantresses
Crimson Hawk Bandits miniatures
x3 Crimson Hawk Bandits
Fell Awakener miniature
Fell Awakener
Mounted Fell Knight miniature
Mounted Fell Knight
Zaari Champion miniature
Zaari Champion
Bloodshrike miniature
Deepweller miniature
Shaba Watu Muser miniature
Shaba Watu Muser
Giant Ant miniature
Giant Ant
Coatl Dragonkin miniature
x3 Coatl Dragonkin
Exor Dragonkin miniature
x3 Exor Dragonkin

Which will you choose…?

If you want to know more about the rest of the armies and support packs, then check out our main Battles of Valerna post.

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