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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Army of Ysval

A hardy, pious community, the Holy Alliance of Ysval is a light in the darkness of the snow-swept north. Yet this strong-hearted community had the darkest of beginnings… 

The youngest realm of Valerna, Ysval was formed only a few decades after the First Null War, when the defeated acolytes of the Null took refuge in the northern wilds. Their broken forces repented their dark ways, turning to worshiping the Light, finding renewed purpose in the frozen tundra and dark forests.

More than strength, discipline, or loyalty, the Ysvalian army is built on cooperation and fellowship. Its Galadyan priests turn bands of strong but undisciplined warriors into single cohesive units, joined by the power of the Light, lending strength to the whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

The human warriors of Ysval are drawn primarily from the knightly orders, heavily armored paladins whose faith in the Light is unshakeable and whose oaths make it nigh impossible to forsake the realm when battle calls.

The heavily armoured warriors of the Galadyan Light fight on foot, while their brethren of the Griffon and Reinknight orders ride into battle on ferocious griffons and heavily muscled tundra reindeer, respectively. Trundling alongside these powerful warriors, halflings bring their púka carts to war, distributing their delicious potions and brews to embattled soldiers, instilling the weary with renewed vigor.

And yet, even with these formidable forces, the Ysvalians are often outnumbered. Thus, it falls to their most powerful allies to redress the balance: the mighty Hmyr giants of the Bonewood. The giant clans are not aligned with the Light at all but have sworn kinship with the Ysvalians who have shown them nothing but kindness over the years, an unshakeable loyalty that spells doom for the enemies of Ysval.

This complete 3D-printable Dragonbond army includes 28 models and a terrain feature.

1 Oryan
1 Rakzor Dragon
7 Galadyan Warpriests
1 ALT Captain Galadyan Warpriest
3 Pint Smith
1 ALT Captain Pint Smith
3 Griffon Knights
1 Boar-Clan Hmyr
3 Reinknight Shieldhearts
1 Wolf-Clan Hmyr
1 Ysvalian Pet - Morsel
5 Reinknight Patrol

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