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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Army of Tyveria

At the center of Valerna lies the Blood Empire of Tyveria. As corrupt as it is powerful, Tyveria is the continent’s political, cultural, and military core and the only rival to Allaria for dominance over the other realms.

Ruled over by the haughty, enigmatic maghyri blood sorcerers with the vampiric ability to consume and manipulate the blood of other creatures Tyveria is a conflicted empire of the greatest individual freedoms and the cruelest tyrannies. 

As the great maghyr houses rule the empire, their ennobled enforcers, the vampyri, control the majority human populace. Tyverians are famed for their ruthlessness, their thirst for power, and their disregard for what other peoples know as tact or diplomacy.

Dragonbond, Tyveria, Adrael and Nagasha

In battle, Tyverian armies are feared not for their skill and tactics but for their swift and relentless waves of attack. 

As halfling shevs disrupt and terrorize enemy lines with exploding flasks of poison gas, hordes of expendable troops are driven forward against the enemy, throwing themselves against shield walls without a thought for their own safety. The blood of the fallen only serves to empower the vampyr captains and maghyr sorcerers, increasing the army’s strength the longer a battle rages.

The bulk of the Tyverian infantry is formed of blooded soldiers humans plucked from the hardest districts of the empire, or forged in the fires of the gladiatorial arenas, trained to fight without fear. These troops are supported by hulking ogerrons, Tyverian orcs whose martial skill is as formidable as their brute strength.

Supporting the hordes of foot soldiers are some of the most fearsome cavalry in Valerna: vampyr warriors whose mounts are terrifying creatures mutated by blood magic and trained for war. Horrific skorpikon riders scuttle toward enemy lines, with poisoned stings and claws that can snap a person in twain.

While overhead, the wasp-like vespidae swoop down upon their prey, disrupting enemy lines and sowing fear wherever they strike.

This complete 3D-printable Dragonbond army includes 40 models and a terrain feature.

General Blood Emperor - Adrael - Masked and Unmasked
Nagasha Magnifex
x2 Ogerron Phalanx (Includes Soranos, the Slayer)
x7 Bloodclaws (Includes Champion Chamra)
x3 Vespida Impalers (Includes Captain Erianna)
X2 Vespidae Shredders
x3 Skopikon Reavers (Includes Semra, the Slicer)
x5 Shiv Assassins (Includes Boss Batuka)
x3 Ogerron Chain Tossers (Includes Taskmaster Turgana)
x2 Skorpikon Gore Lancers (Includes Radmana Id Sajari)
x3 Shiv Alchemists (Includes Reckless Raj)
x1 Sagla the Sly (Alternate Shiv Assassins captain)
x1 General Gradjan (Alternate Vespida Imaplers captain)
x1 Ravenous Raksha (Alternate Skorpikon Reavers captain)
x1 Gupra the Giver (Alternate Ogerron Phalanx captain)
x1 Madranna id Tyverianes
x1 Adrael & Nagasha
Tyverian Terrain (maghyr fountain)

This army also includes x2 Skaraborex & Tamer—images coming soon!

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