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Battles of Valerna: Discover The Army of Nahuac

The oldest realm of Valerna, Nahuac is a vast coalition of free states, finding commonality in their deep respect for nature, life, and death. The Náhuinn people believe in upholding their proud traditions, observing a philosophy of cooperation, working in harmony with each other and the forces of nature that surround them.

It is said that to fight the Náhuinn is to fight the very environment, and that is not far from the truth. At the behest of Nahuac’s sorcerers, forests spring to life, rivers swell, the ground trembles, and the skies open. Where the armies of Nahuac march, nature itself marches also.

Dragonbond, Nahuac

The almost bestial ferocity of Nahuac is reflected by its disparate beast-kin and beastfolk regiments. Elite jaguar-like ocelinn launch assaults as swift as any cavalry, supported by rugged, iron-scaled bendavee warriors. Overhead the bat-like mun kisuut scout the lay of the land, while Buunkun sorcerers swoop across the field, incanting the makaab weave to turn nature itself against the foe.

And yet even these ferocious forces of nature often pale in comparison to the coteries of xibac sorcerers who march alongside them. These once-human necromancers are devious and underhanded, wielding the forbidden arts to weaken their targets or, even, raise the dead…

This complete 3D-printable Dragonbond army includes 41 models and a terrain feature.

1 Erandi
Dragonbond Tetzcoatl Dragon
1 Tetzcoatl Dragon
5 Ocelinn Stalkers (includes presupported version)
3 Buunkun Weavers (includes presupported version)
3 Ocelinn Chargers (includes presupported version)
2 Munkisuut Shriekers (includes presupported version)
7 Bendavee Ambushers (includes presupported version)
3 Bendavee Protectors (includes presupported version)
5 Munkisuut Infiltrators (includes presupported version)
1 Bendavee Ambusher alternate Captain (includes presupported version)
1 Munkisuut Shrieker alternate Captain (includes presupported version)
1 Buunkun Weaver alternate captain (includes presupported version)
1 Munkisuut Infiltrator alternate captain (includes presupported version)
1 Ayolod, Nahuac pet (includes presupported version)
2 Ossuary Guardians
1 Itza Chapula
1 Reganna
Dragonbond Buunkun Skyblades
2 Buunkun Skyblades
Ocelinn monument
1 Ocelinn Monument Terrain

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