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Discover Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna, A Complete 3D Printable Wargame

Coming soon to Kickstarter, Battles of Valerna brings the rich fantasy universe of Dragonbond to your tabletop. The adaptive gameplay system allows you to fight fast and furious battles or to immerse yourself in a full-on war game. With Battles of Valerna, the choice is yours…

Epic battles await as gigantic monsters can be pitched against heroic units, giving players great variety and scope when it comes to army building. The wargame is also completely modular—you can swap the Heroes in command of your units, expand your army, and utilize a multitude of options to personalize your troops.

Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna is a 3D printable wargame for 2 players. With a unique fatigue system, players can make the choice between pushing their units to exhaustion or saving them for a potentially perfect opportunity… 

An exciting new addition to the rule is Vaala Cards and Artifact Cards. These allow you to add spells and magic items to your army, giving a whole new layer of strategy and making the army very easy to customize.

Players can choose to dragonbond their mighty dragons and generals, making both even more powerful—this comes at a cost, however. If either is killed, both are lost! 

Dragonbond, Allaria

With gameplay developed by a team including Alessio Cavatore – a legend within the wargames industry with a background that includes Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, and The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle GameBattles of Valerna adapts to your playing style, giving you the ability to wage quick, fast-paced battles or immense, in-depth wars.

Artwork and miniatures are directed by Tom Babbey with concept art from a range of veteran artists including Steve Prescott, Daarken, Tyler Walpole, and Jason Engle, to name just a few! All of them have a background in producing astonishing fantasy artwork for the likes of Wizards of the Coast, Pathfinder, Blizzard Entertainment, and many more.

Dragonbond: Battles of Valerna is the latest addition to the Dragonbond franchise, with products including a board game, RPG, comics, and a host of miniatures. This 3D printable wargame is just waiting for you to choose your army…. 

Battles of Valerna: The Armies

All of the models in Battles of Valerna will come with scenic bases, and some of the previously released models are also getting improvements to their poses or extra details added. And alongside the more familiar armies is a completely new one—the Army of the Scourge Triumvirate!


Dragonbond Aelen of the Standard

Often outnumbered but rarely outclassed, the Allarian army is made up of elite-trained units that display unparalleled discipline. Allarian soldiers never break formation and focus on patience and choosing the precise moment of when and where to strike…

See the army of Allaria


Dragonbond Vespida Impaler - Captain Erianna

Tyverian armies are feared across the length and breadth of Valerna. Formed primarily from hordes of troops that are trained to fight without fear, supported by Tyverian orcs and fearsome cavalry they hurl themselves against the enemy in wave after relentless wave. And the blood of the fallen only serves to empower the vampyr captains and maghyr sorcerers, increasing their strength even as the battle rages… 

See the complete army of Tyveria


Dragonbond Bendavee Protector

The bestial savagery of Nahuac is reflected by its disparate and varied units, and where the armies of Nahuac march, so do the forces of nature itself. Yet even these ferocious forces often pale in comparison to the coteries of xibac sorcerers who march alongside them.…

See the forces of Nahuac


Dragonbond Boar-Clan Hmyr

Joined by the power of the Light, the Ysvalian army is built on cooperation and fellowship, where bands of brutal warriors are forged into single cohesive units that are deadly on the battlefield. Although low in numbers, when needed the army of Ysval can call upon the aid of their most dependable allies, the Hmyr giants of the Bonewood…

See the army of Ysval

The Scourge Triumvirate

Dragonbond War-Mother on Maw Tyrant

With the brute strength of the obakkar orcs, the powerful energies of the djaat, and the cunning of the boaab snakefolk, the army of The Scourge Triumvirate is as varied as it is deadly. War-Mothers ride into battle atop colossal Thunderhorns, or fearsome Skywings, while Outriders sweep in upon the backs of swift and powerful Scytherunners. The Triumvirate is, at last, ready to take vengeance upon the world of humans and reclaim their rightful place as rulers of Valerna…

See the stunning army of The Scourge Triumvirate

The Additional Forces

To add even more variety to your games of Battles of Valerna, there is a stack of extra units you can recruit into your army.

And, the great news for our Tribes members is that you will be able to add more mercenaries, rules, and wandering monsters to your games through our Tribes releases. If you’re not already a member of our Tribes, head over to MyMiniFactory to see the levels and join up.

Roaming Monsters

Dragonbond Seabear Marauder

Monsters abound across the continent of Valerna. From gemstone golems, dream imps and the Pankratei Carabfolk to the terrifying entities of the Null, the Dragonbond universe is literally brimming with monstrosities. And you can add them to your army! You just need to decide which…  

See all of the Roaming Monsters here

The Mercenaries

Dragonbond Siren Enchantress

From the shard ships of the nwoda sky dwarves, to the warrior caste of dream elves known as the Fell Knights, and the strange aquatic lifeforms that occupy the wild region of Sikaria, mercenaries of all kinds can be hired and added to your army… 

See the Mercenaries for hire here

The Dragons

Dragonbond Aureus Fulgen, His Radiant Majesty

While four of the armies in Battles of Valerna has a dragon within it, there are yet more to add to your army… From Aureus Fulgen, helm of the Fulgen brood, to Sivax, the hedonistic figurehead of Brood Magnifex, and the aggressive Exor dragons of the shifting deserts, there are many more that can be included in your forces. Rumours also abound of a new dragon circling the Cursed Coast…

See the awe-inspiring Dragons

If all of that has got your dragon fire hot, then get your 3D printing supplies ordered and hit the button below to get notified on launch!

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