Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs) are a realm of boundless imagination, where players have the chance to step into the shoes of remarkable characters and embark on epic adventures. In the Dragonbond setting, character creation takes on a unique twist with Vaala Magic, offering players the opportunity to craft extraordinary characters that can wield the limitless power of Vaala. In this blog, we will explore how to create a TTRPG character that is not only fun to play but also fits within the Dragonbond setting.

1.- Dive into the lore

Before you begin crafting your character, immerse yourself in the lore of Dragonbond and Valerna Magic in which your TTRPG campaign is set. Understanding the magic system, its three aspects (Dream, Will, and Source), and the possibilities it offers is essential. Familiarize yourself with the lore of Vaala magic, the Vaala spirits, and the enigmatic Null. This knowledge will inspire and guide your character creation.

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Valerna an introduction. How to create an TTRPG character guide


2.- Choose an Aspect that Resonates

One of the most exciting features of the Vaala system is its Three Aspects, each offering distinct magical possibilities. To create an amazing TTRPG character, choose the aspect that resonates with your playstyle and character concept:

Fai (Dream): If you’re drawn to creativity and imagination, consider crafting a character who excels in Fai magic. These characters can weave illusions, create dazzling spectacles, and manipulate the perceptions of others. They often embrace abstract concepts and bring dreams to life.


Id (Will): If you’re a strategist or a player who enjoys direct influence and control, an Id magic user might be your choice. Characters skilled in Id magic can impact the world with their thoughts and actions. They can manipulate forces and energy, making them formidable spellcasters and agents of change.


Kaab (Source): For those who appreciate the cycles of life, growth, and transformation, a character proficient in Kaab magic is an excellent choice. These characters have a deep understanding of the world’s patterns, allowing them to heal, manipulate life, and influence the environment’s natural cycles.

Vaala Magic


3.- Create a Compelling Backstory

A TTRPG character becomes unique when they have a compelling backstory. Dive into your character’s past and explore how their connection with Vaala shaped their life. Did they discover their magical abilities at a young age, or did they stumble upon their powers later in life? What drove them to harness Vaala’s potential, and what goals or dreams do they aspire to achieve? Weave your character’s backstory into the lore of Dragonbond and the game world, making it an integral part of the narrative.

Dragonbond, Ysval


4.- Define Your Character’s Motivations

Your character’s motivations are the driving force behind their actions in the TTRPG world. What are their goals, desires, and aspirations? Do they seek to protect the world from the corrupting influence of the Null, or are they on a personal quest to discover the deepest secrets of Vaala? Clearly defining your character’s motivations will provide a strong foundation for role-playing.

Dragonbond Allarian Oathguard Duelists


5.-Embrace Ethical Dilemmas

An amazing TTRPG character faces ethical dilemmas and challenges their beliefs. Explore how your character’s connection to Vaala influences their moral compass. Do they have a code of ethics when it comes to using magic? How do they navigate the temptation of dark magic or the consequences of their actions? Embracing these dilemmas adds depth to your character’s story.


6.- Develop a Unique Magical Style

Within the chosen aspect of Vaala, craft a unique and captivating magical style for your character. Consider the spells, abilities, and techniques they can use. Is your Fai magic character a master of illusions or a dreamweaver who can turn fantasies into reality? Does your Id magic user specialize in manipulating elements or influencing minds? Is your Kaab magic character a healer, a shaper of life, or a guardian of natural cycles? Define your character’s magical prowess and their signature spells.


7.- Collaborate with Your Game Master

Lastly, collaborate with your Game Master to integrate your character seamlessly into the campaign and the world. Work together to ensure that your character’s abilities and backstory align with the overarching storyline and lore. Your Game Master can provide valuable insights and opportunities to showcase your character’s unique attributes.


In conclusion, crafting an amazing TTRPG character within the Dragonbond Setting is an opportunity to embrace limitless creativity and weave an enchanting narrative. By delving into the lore, selecting a resonant aspect, creating a compelling backstory, defining motivations, embracing ethical dilemmas, developing a unique magical style, and collaborating with your Game Master, you can create a character that not only shines within the game but also contributes to an unforgettable and immersive TTRPG character creation experience.

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