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Draco Studios is the leading Mexican board game publisher. Responsible for incredibly successful campaigns such as War for Chicken Island, Dodos Riding Dinos, and Dragonbond Lords of Vaala. They are the creators of the epic fantasy universe, Dragonbond, and the cyberpunk Lovecraftian, Eldritch Century. Their catalogue includes, boardgames, RPG’s and features absolutely stunning miniatures that are also available for 3D printing.

Lords of Vaala is an asymmetric strategy game for 1-4 players. Play as a general, managing your army and resources, or play as a dragon destroying your foes and laying waste to the land. To win the game you must overcome the odds, plan your strategy and collect the most Vaala. The first player to amass 10 power tokens will claim victory.

Featuring absolutely stunning miniatures, breathtaking fantasy artwork from industry renown artists, and unique gameplay developed by Alessio Cavatore. Lords of Vaala is an essential gateway into the Dragonbond universe.

Great Wyrms of Drakha, is a 300+ page RPG adventure book containing seven high-level roleplaying adventures for your games using the 5e engine.

Each of these 4-session adventures are designed to pit your most daring players against the seven Azhurmas, the gargantuan dragons ruling over their respective broods and controlling vast territories in Drakha.

A wacky tabletop racing game where only one player will emerge victorious! Once dodos and dinosaurs lived peacefully, but now an impending meteorite threatens extinction and dodos and dinos must team up to run for their lives. Only the fastest racer will be saved.

Choose your favorite Dodo/Dino character from a fantastic selection of miniatures and then race to the finish line! With madcap action and dexterity mechanics designed to slow down your opponents and give you the advantage!

Kiwi Chow down is a fast, fun and fruity area control game for 1-4 players. Featuring a host of beautiful miniatures and simple game mechanics. Control your ravenous kiwi tribe to outnumber your opponents and claim dominance over island sections.

The game is played over four seasons with each season having a different objective to earn rewards. Each season has three rounds and you can either build, move or feed depending on the cards in your hand and the strategy you want to adopt.

A gateway skirmish game perfect for families. War for Chicken island is a fast paced and fun family game suitable for up to four players. With a host of gorgeous miniatures for you to choose from and stunning fun artwork to keep you smiling through the game.

Gather your army, prepare your resources and get ready to battle your opponents to prove who is the rightful ruler of chicken island.

Eldritch Century is a sci-fi horror roleplaying game where each player will take on the role of one of the many agents in a 1986 alternate Earth. A great fog has swallowed Europe, and all it touches have been corrupted past the veil of sanity. The untouched world has divided into factions in an eternal struggle for survival, power and growth, each with its own agendas and grey moralities.

This two book premium slipcase contains two huge hardcover books.
The first book, Expeditions, is a compilation of the core rules. Here, we introduce the Draco System, a d20-based system that is fully compatible with 5e. The second book, Almanac, details the factions that make up our world, their famous characters, their personalities and their technologies and powers.

LAIR is the part of Draco Studios responsible for our gorgeous 3D printable miniatures to support our key universes and deepen your gaming experiences. From gigantic dragons, to characterful heroes, our 3D printable miniatures are designed to be beautiful, but also user friendly. You can even sign up to a monthly subscription to get content at an incredible price every single month.

Our goal is to stay in touch with our Dragonbond RPG & Makers community and supply monthly releases of 3D-printable miniatures, RPG, and Story content.

This allows us to expand content for the published realms but also provides an output channel for the undisclosed realms already developed, such as Sikaria, Fell, or the Hollowdepths.