Post has published by Gabriel Viveros

Draco Studios announces Elyse’s Guide to Magic, a 5e supplement filled to the brim with 300+ pages of magic content.

This supplement introduces a bespoke spellcasting system which allows you to create tailor-made spells with buildable effects, tactical combos, and magical teamwork. As well as a brand new system for communing with and summoning magical spirits

And that’s not all – In Elyse’s Guide to Magic there are a host of new player options. Four brand new classes: the Vaala Witch, who harnesses the wild nature of Vaala to brew potent potions and twist malefic curses, the Summoner, who calls forth powerful spirits and other fell creatures to aid them on and off the battlefield, the Scion, who fuels their already potent combat abilities with Vaala magic, and the Arcanologist, who crafts terrifying and wondrous contraptions, constructs, and alchemical compounds with devastating effects. In addition, within this book you’ll find 19 new subclasses, all with a link to magic.

And of course there will be dragons, in fact a whole new dragon brood to experience. Plus learn how to cast powerful spells while dragon riding, and create potions, poisons and unique magic items with alchemy and rune magic.

Elyse’s Guide to Magic is told from the perspective of Elyse, a powerful Dragon Queen who lived in oppression until she rose to the throne in Allaria. She is a master of dream magic and one of the most iconic Dragonbonded heroes. 

Featured in this book:

  • Bespoke spellcasting magic system
  • Summoning system
  • 4x new Classes with 13 associated subclasses.
  • 6x new Subclasses for traditional 5e classes 
  • 2x new Ancestries
  • 7x Lineages
  • A guide to creating potions, poisons and unique magic items
  • Dragonbonded magic and expanded runic magic.
  • 40+ new magical creatures
  • 150+ New spells
  • 15+ new Magic Items