Post has published by Gabriel Viveros

A new dragon themed game from the designers
that brought you Heroes of Terrinoth and Warhammer Quest the card game.

Dragonbond Quest is a cooperative quest style card game for 1-4 players. Based in the Dragonbond universe, players will pit their skill and strategy against the many perils that exist in Valerna.

Gather your team and take the role of one of the great heroes of Valerna, face fearsome Dragons, evil villains and hoards of savage minions… Can you survive the threat and emerge victorious?

Here is why we love it… 

  • Designed by the Sadler brothers, Dragonbond Quest is an evolution of the popular Heroes of Terrinoth and Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
  • Set in the Dragonbond universe with epic heroes and fearsome monsters from Valerna
  • Quick game time—quests are easy to setup and player turns are quick and interactive
  • Modular gameplay that allows players to create their own unique scenarios by mixing heroes, dragons, quests, enemies, and villains.
  • Bond with powerful dragons to overcome challenging quests
  • Streamlined gameplay and dynamic player scaling—no exceptional rules based on player count
  • True solo—play as one hero with no special rules